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Geometry To get your protractor you need to know the mounting distance (pivot to spindle) of your turntable.
To do this, you can follow our very smart procedure described in the tutorial page.
Moreover this procedure will allow to place the protractor in its exact position which will greatly simplify the alignment of the cartridge.
The alignment on only one of the grids of the protractor is sufficient in this case: the tip of the stylus follows the arc and the cartridge is also aligned on the second grid.

You must enter all lengths in 1/10 mm, example : 2345 for 234.5 mm, 2110 for 211 mm

Mounting distance (1/10 mm) :

Baerwald / Loefgren A : the most common R = 120.9 mm, r = 66 mm
Loefgren B : R = 116.6 mm, r = 70.3 mm
Stevenson : R = 117.42 mm, r = 60.325 mm
UNI-DIN : R = 112.5 mm, r = 63.3 mm
Custom : R (1/10 mm) = r (1/10 mm) =

R and r define the null points, take a look at the theory page.
If R and r are close the alignement grid for r may be hidden by the other grid. But it does not matter.
R = r give a one null point protractor, maybe that's what you want!

Paper format : A4 Letter Legal

Email address to receive your protractor (pdf) :